How To Get Rid Of Spiritual Soul Ties

Outside of marriage, however, we are not to engage in sexual relationships. This is considered an illegal or illicit soul tie by the Lord. Spiritually and technically, having sexual relations with people who aren't your spouse by marriage is a marriage. To put it another way, any sexual activity with someone who isn't our husband binds the two souls together. God sent me an illustration of an unlawful soul tie that reminded me of Carlo Collodi's Disney famous fictitious character Pinocchio. His puppet master confined and controlled Pinocchio. His movements were governed by the strings.

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Invisible strings link the two hearts together and their movements, emotions, and feelings are shared when a person is involved in an unhealthy, ungodly, and unpleasant soul tie. That's why, years after a person moves on or terminates a relationship, they constantly think about that person and can't emotionally break away from them. Another good example is when someone are in an abusive (physical or verbal) relationship but refuse to leave because of the bond, the soul knot that binds them.

There are examples of godly covenant soul tie partnerships formed by the Lord in the Bible. One such relationship can be seen in the account of David and Jonathan: “As soon as he completed speaking to Saul, Jonathan's soul was sewn to David's soul, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul” (1 Samuel 18:1 NKJV). Some have twisted this text to make it ungodly or suggest an unethical connection. Jonathan saw David as a brother and treated him as if he were his own. There was no homosexuality or illegality in this relationship between two males. Jonathan did not love David; rather, he cared for him as if he were a member of his family.

Battle Buddies

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected to them, as if they were family? This was also the case, and God desired for us to establish such a relationship. During boot camp, recruits are assigned a mentor “Fighting companion.” Your combat partner will accompany you wherever you go. This method can also be used with prayer partners. Choose someone to pray for you and with you. This form of engagement strengthens bonds and encourages accountability. In times of war, battle pals will even die for each other.

Whether or whether love is involved, a person's soul is knitted together to each individual when they have had several lovers. For two to be blessed, we need God-ordained and lawful partnerships. What's the sense of staying in touch with someone who's making your life a misery? In Amos 3:3 (ESV), the Bible reads, “Is it appropriate for two people to walk together unless they have agreed to meet?” I appreciate what the website Bible Study Tools Commentary says about Amos 3:3, regarding believers live in spiritual harmony and concord with humans:

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It cannot be thought they should walk together; and not amicably, unless united in friendship, and of the same affection to each other, and of the same sentiments one with another; else it is much if they do not fall out on the way. The purpose of these words is to demonstrate that without friendship, there is no fellowship, and without concord, there is no communion; and that Israel could not expect God to walk with them, show himself friendly to them, and continue his favors with them, when they walked contrary to him; when they were so disagreeable to him in their religious sentiments, worship, and rites, and in the sacrificial system. And agreement is required for a spiritual walk with God and connection with him. God and man were once best friends, but sin separated them, necessitating reconciliation in order for them to walk together again.

We must be vigilant and discerning in this unseen battle. Every relationship, whether it's a prospective marriage, a business partnership, or a friendship, requires us to make sensible judgments and seek the Lord's guidance. He will guide us and teach us how to form long-term, beneficial partnerships.

Knitting of Hearts

“For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh,” Matthew 19:5 says. This is the way soul ties function. God has approved and ordained marital soul bonds. Soul relationships formed via fornication, sexual immorality, adultery, and other non-marital sexual interaction are not of God. Whether married or single, intimate interactions bind two people together as one soul (single).

The Lord desires that His people have holy soul bonds. A marriage is a legal union or covenant between a man and a woman; a covenant is a legal and binding agreement or contract. Again, the enemy has no regard for anyone and would be delighted to construct ungodly and unbiblical unions, including civil unions or weddings between two men and two women. This isn't in the Bible. Just because your country's, state's, or country's law considers something lawful or right doesn't mean it's ethically or scripturally correct. God created marriage to be a union of the sexes—one woman and one man.

Hell's goal is to make what is immoral and illegal in God's eyes right and acceptable in the eyes of people. That is why the devil's works—along with what I discussed in the last chapter regarding principalities, power, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places—influence and control the world system, spiritually blinding people to God's truth and His Word. Abortion, same-sex marriages, and other transgressions of God's Word, in my opinion, are what ought to be outlawed and overruled in the world's systems.

Keep in mind that we can form unhealthy poisonous connections with our bosses, coworkers, church leadership and members, parents, children, and anybody else we bring into our lives. Even if some of these connections are ostensibly spiritual and godly, they may be ones that God never planned or designed for us. We need to be able to see all of the connections once more. Ask God if this relationship, profession, career, school, church, leader, or anything else is what He has ordained. Additionally, the Holy Spirit will reveal which connections are not of the Lord.

Soul Tie Symptoms

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers,” the Bible warns in 2 Corinthians 6:14 (ESV). For what kind of relationship does righteousness have with lawlessness? Or what kind of friendship brings light and darkness together?” Clearly, this passage of Scripture poses a challenging topic and makes a significant statement to consider. Darkness and light are diametrically opposed, as are righteousness and lawlessness.

What are the signs and symptoms of a soul tie? After a highly passionate relationship ends, soul bond symptoms are typically what a person feels, thinks, and is emotionally affected by the individual. In other words, I refer to it as the result of a relationship breakdown that leads to more codependency manifestations. For example, if a person has been consuming a certain food for a long period and that item is no longer available, the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawals from soul bonds might occur depending on how long the relationship or connection lasted. Long after the relationship has ended, even years later, these soul tie symptoms can have an impact on a person's mind, will, and emotions. Soul bond symptoms can produce irrational, erratic, or sudden mood swings that can be traced back to a previous or current relationship. The following are some signs and symptoms of a soul tie:

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Imagine, visualize, or hear the person's face and voice in your mind, which might cause a change in attitude, mood swings, memory, or physical manifestation.

Stalking, excessively referring to the person in conversation, and obsessing over the person(s) in your thoughts—especially at certain periods of the day or night.

While single (unmarried) or married, regularly wondering, thinking, fantasizing, or dreaming about this person.

Secrets, lusts, and wants are some of the signs of how the soul tie was formed.

Negative results or outcomes of what this person(s) did that hampered, controlled, or manipulated you have left you emotionally, mentally, and financially scarred.

It is possible to move on to a new relationship while still being connected to people from your past through your soul. People who are now married can still be emotionally tied to and married to their previous marriages or intimate relationships (spiritually speaking). Because their fragmented soul is still interwoven with the other person, most people are unable to delight their present spouse (s). The soul tie isn't broken just because someone goes on or marries.

However, there is good news: God's power, as well as the power of our own actions, can be used to break up relationships. Ungodly soul links are formed by our choices, and they are destroyed by our choices to be free.

I want you to understand that just because someone prophesies or says they've been called to be connected to you or walk with you doesn't mean the relationship is God-ordained. In this hour, we must be especially vigilant about who we allow into our hearts. Our hearts must be guarded. That is obvious from Proverbs 4:23-26. All of the things that try to come against us are reprimanded and reminded us by God's Word. Guarding your hearts requires being intelligent and discerning by the Holy Spirit, especially in the connections we create in this hour.

Every day, we must battle temptations and the devil's deeds. He'll use people to get close to us, but they'll wind up being more of an enemy than a friend. Setting the correct boundaries and personal preferences for who you allow in is an important part of guarding our hearts. The severity of a soul knot symptom can have a severe impact on your existing and future relationships.

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Threefold Cord

God wants us to form meaningful friendships, partnerships, and relationships in all areas of our lives, including business, ministry, and family. The Bible refers to a “three-fold” chord that is difficult to break or harsh. We require relationships that are God-ordained, making it difficult for others or ourselves to dissolve them. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 states:

Two people are better than one because they get a better return on their investment: if one of them falls down, the other can help the other get up. But pity the person who falls and has no one to assist them in getting up. Furthermore, if two people lie down together, they will stay warm. But how can one keep warm on their own? Two can protect themselves, even if one is overpowered. Three-stranded cords take a long time to break.

To feel significant, respected, cherished, and safe, I don't believe we need an entire entourage. I have three incredible work, spiritual, and God-ordained partnerships with whom I keep each other accountable. These are covenants between divine souls based on trust, honesty, love, respect, and value. We pray for one other and can tell whether someone is in financial, emotional, or spiritual distress. There is no secret agenda or motive in love.

The Lord will give you friends, comrades, battle buddies, prayer partners, associates, and people who are full of God's love and will always tell you the truth. To save your life, time, and money, not to injure, harm, or abuse you.

I experienced enormous combat while writing this book, especially on the verge of a global epidemic. Only a few individuals checked in on me to see whether I was okay. When it came down to it, there were a lot of people I believed were my friends and covenant partners in God, but they weren't.

You must cherish and reevaluate the people you let into your inner circle. Soul ties exist, and the Spirit has a silver cord that connects us to God and His people. An umbilical chord unites a woman and her unborn child in the same way. Every one of God's people is connected to the Lord by an invisible silver cable or ribbon.

How to Break Illegal Soul Ties

“Remember your Creator before the silver thread is snapped, the golden bowl is broken, the pitcher is smashed beside the spring, and the water wheel is destroyed at the cistern,” reads Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 (GW). Then the dust of mankind returns to the ground, and the breath of life returns to the God who gave it.” This silver cord nurtures and sustains our spirits; when it is severed, we return to our Creator. However, for divine breakthrough and liberty, all illegal, toxic, ungodly, unhealthy, and illicit soul attachments from the past and even today must be cut, burned, severed, snapped, broken, and shattered.

In other words, cutting a soul tie is a must-do step before moving on with your life. People become trapped in relationships because they are obligated by the contract or conditions of the arrangement. The joint agreement must be ripped, torn, and burned. It is not always necessary for both sides to come together to break it. The soul connection can be broken by a single individual.

So, how do we sever our ties with our souls? A soul knot can usually be broken in four simple steps:

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1. Recognize the existence of a soul tie and be honest with yourself about your readiness to let go and be free of it. If a person has an addiction, for example, they must first admit that they have a problem. The first step has been taken. “Therefore confess your faults to each other so that you may be healed,” James 5:16 says. The term “confess” is derived from the Greek word exomologe, which means “to announce, exclaim, divulge, blurt, or profess that one will do something, to pledge, agree, or engage” (Strong's G1843). To put it another way, acknowledging is the same as confessing. This is the first step!

2. Make the decision to end the relationship. Having a dialogue with the person or people engaged in the relationship could be an example of this. Also, pray and/or fast to sever the cord that has been established, as well as calling out their names in prayer to break the cord that has been built between you. When I pray, I spiritually visualize a cord being severed by calling out the person's name and cutting the cord with my hand like a sword. I envision myself severing the cord, which is then severed by faith.

It may appear stupid at first, but when done in faith and prayer, the effect is profound. When you start receiving emails, text messages, social media communications, unexpected phone calls, or start seeing the person or anybody related to them on a regular basis, you will know that an illegal, illicit, unhealthy, or unholy soul tie is truly severed. When this happens, you must know that your prayers were answered, and it is now up to you to stay away from the internet. The enemy will put you to the test and tempt you to see if you have genuinely moved on from this individual.

3. Make the decision to forgive, which is the most potent form of personal independence and liberation from an ungodly soul connection. Forgiveness necessitates action and is sometimes the most challenging step to take. This could be because you believe the other party to the connection should be begging for your pardon.

Because the enemy does not want people to forgive and be set free, forgiveness is the most potent spiritual warfare weapon to wield. Evil wants you to stay a victim or a victimized person who refuses to forgive the perpetrator. Forgiveness entails discovering and releasing any unresolved or pending mental “debts” that are keeping the soul knot active. As a result, you must first forgive yourself by admitting that you made a mistake—something that might be tough to do when you believe it wasn't your fault in the first place.

4. Get rid of any physical items that connect you to the person. Remove all drug-related paraphernalia, for example, if the person was a drug addict. To eradicate anything connected to our history and the individual, we must take action. I'll even go so far as to say that you should avoid connecting with anyone who is connected to that individual. If you have children from a previous relationship or marriage, though, you don't have to completely block them out. However, be cautious in your activities to avoid reopening old doors. Moving on requires the removal of items such as presents, photos, clothing, love notes, and so on. Remember that these items are bond symbols and must be removed from your life.

Also, to gain spiritual awareness, seek assistance from spiritual authorities. Counseling, a therapist, and people who can assist you in your journey to liberation are all options. Through a soul tie, you will no longer be governed by the puppet master of your past. Changing your phone number, unfollowing and blocking people on social media, or relocating to a different city, state, or country will not break the soul bond. You are the only one who can cut the soul tie and keep it cut.

Finally, if you've dissolved all of the physical markers, gifts, substance, mental debts, and spiritual ties that bind you to the person in prayer, you should be well on your way to conquering the soul tie's power. I recommend reading my book Prophetic Breakthrough: Decrees that Shatter Curses and Release Blessings as a valuable resource on how to dissolve, disarm, and break illegal soul bonds, generational, and demonic verbal curses.

I pray that the lessons you learn from reading this spiritual warfare manual will equip you to not only demolish but also disable the works of the evil. Jesus came to destroy the devil's works, not only to remove them. He was able to drive them out—and remember, you are called to carry out the victory that Jesus Christ has already won at Calvary! Because the rules of engagement for spiritual battles are different, you must fight as a victor and conqueror in Christ.

In modern combat, the US military flies drones into areas to survey the terrain before sending an air patrol and ground forces to fight. Similarly, we must first determine what type of war you are currently engaged in and then utilize the appropriate armament to engage and defeat the adversary's works. This is accomplished by activating a sequence of warfare prayers that alter and modify your spiritual climate for God's glory.

I salute you as a survivor, soldier of God, and I pray that you be awarded the Purple Heart as a symbol of your devotion to the Lord and service in God's army.

How do you break a soul tie spiritually?

  • Tell the person's soul that you wish them well in life but that you don't want to be in a relationship with them any longer. (This release will not be heard by the person's physical ears, but it will be heard by their spirit!)

Can you get rid of soul tie?

It's not simple to cut soul bonds, yet it's been done. For an unhealthy tie that is holding you back to be broken, spiritual work is essential. Your mind, will, and emotions make up your soul. When you have a soul connection with someone, your mind, will, and emotions get entwined with theirs.

What are signs of ungodly soul ties?

This is a common occurrence between two people who have already parted ways but are still linked by their souls. It isn't necessary for such an unhealthy soul tie to be romantic. It can also happen in the connection between a parent and a child.

Toxic relationships are often indicators of dysfunctional soul ties. An ungodly soul tie will do the opposite of a healthy soul tie, which is to help you have a revitalized sense of appreciation for life and to make you feel free. You may feel trapped, as if there is no way out, because the other party is obsessive and abusive.

How do you break a one sided soul tie?

  • If the soul tie was formed as a result of rushed vows or pledges, these vows should be verbally rescinded.
  • Even if the other person should be the one asking for forgiveness, forgive them.
  • Any physical object provided to you by the other person should be discarded since it may be used to keep a soul tie in place.
  • Compose a letter to your soul mate (or do journaling). It is unnecessary to send the letter to them. What matters is that you are able to express yourself and let go of your frustrations.
  • If necessary, seek the advice of a spiritual counselor or a therapist. They can assist you in breaking toxic one-sided soul relationships and moving on.

What is a bad soul tie?

A toxic soul bond relationship can include feelings that the other person completes you to the point where you can't function without them, resulting in a negative attachment. You may be in a toxic soul-tie relationship with someone if you have obsessive or intrusive thoughts of the person; feelings of extreme negativity from the individual; or a lurking, gut instinct that you need to cut ties with that person, according to Dr. Manly.

What is the difference between soul tie and soulmate?

How many times have you declared, “He is the one, this is my soul mate?” only to have the relationship end a few months later? People appear to have a misunderstanding of what a soul mate is. What exactly is a soul mate? Is it acceptable to say that your souls have mated every time you share yourself with someone? No, because being physically with someone does not guarantee they are your lifelong love; it only means you have a sexual attraction to them. We must learn to distinguish between soul mates and soul ties. A soul bond is when the spirit binds two souls together, usually due to sex. “The act of intercourse is marriage through consummation,” says someone who believes passionately in the “word.” Every time an unmarried person has intercourse with that person, they marry that person.” Your soul is linked not only to those you've spent time with, but also to those they've spent time with, and so on. If someone has had twenty-five sex partners, for example, they have most likely been exposed to hundreds of other souls; simply put, you have sex with everyone your partner has had sex with. A soul mate, on the other hand, is the epitome of love and cooperation, your heart's other half-life companion, to put it simply. In a soul mate circumstance, the connection is immediate, however in a soul ties situation, the link is formed through time. Soul bonds are frequently unpleasant and harmful. Let me ask you to consider that one person who, for whatever reason, always seems to pop into your head at the most inopportune times. That person is your soul tie. Soul bonds are frequently unpleasant and harmful. People constantly say that sex is just sex, but this isn't true since sex binds souls together.

What are the different types of soul ties?

Many people's lives are at stake. The ‘knot' is the agreement that establishes a spiritual link between two souls, whereas the'soul' is the dwelling place of emotions, practices, and belief systems. “And it came to pass, when He had finished speaking unto Saul,” 1 Samuel 18:1 says, “that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.”

Marriage, business, sex, and friendship are the four types of soul ties. Some ties have had a harmful impact on people. God has blessed me with the ability to assist others in severing soul links.

Soul ties in business David and Jonathan shared a soul tie as business associates.

Friendship was also shared. David was easily possessed by whatever seized Jonathan's soul. Marriage is a soul connection. Divorce does not necessarily mean the two partners' soul ties are severed. Because of these unbreakable relationships, some people are unable to marry again, or their subsequent marriages deteriorate. Friendship is a soul connection. Some friendships are abusive and motivated by egoism. Even though you realize that this type of friendship makes you feel hurt, disheartened, and unloved, you may find yourself unable to walk away from it. Sexual kinship Every sexual relationship leads to a soul connection with the person with whom you share your life.

Can you get a soul tie from kissing?

Do you realize that simply kissing someone can bind your soul, demonically code it, and covenant it? When your saliva comes into contact with a satanic agent, it might cast spells and bring about the start of sorrows. Saliva in an agent's mouth is a lethal toxin. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, as we all know. That kiss was a code that allowed Christ to stand out from the crowd. Following that, they seized Him for crucifixion.

Only God can save you from destruction when a satanic agent kisses you and pours saliva into your system. Sexual slaves and irresponsible, carefree people, on the other hand, openly kiss mouth to mouth, unaware that they are getting the kiss of death.

Some gorgeously painted mouths are gateways to hellfire and various types of enslavement. Depending on who you're kissing, some kisses are actually more harmful than the act of sexual immorality itself. 10:10,13,22,23; Proverbs 7:10,13,22,23; Proverbs 7:10,13,22

Allowing these evil agents to use your soul and blood to replenish their blood banks and fulfill their vows to Satan is not a good idea. The creatures that live in deep ditches and small holes can be quite hazardous. A diabolical agent's mouth is similar to a deep trench or a narrow pit.

Their tongue resembles that of snakes and serpents. In such ditches and holes, venomous pythons and cobras can be found. Beware! Ecclesiastes 10:8 and Proverbs 23:27-28.

There are numerous carriers and distributors of the poison of sexual enslavement. Simply coming into contact with such agents, whether through kissing or other immoral behaviors, makes one a victim. These agents can now be found in high-ranking positions in institutions, governments, and churches. They use satanic soul ties, satanic coding, and satanic covenants to enslave humans to sexual servitude.

The soul, which is a living man's immaterial portion, is in a highly delicate position. It is located between the spirit and the physical body. The soul's centrality makes it a critical conduit through which whatever is received in the spirit is conveyed to man's physical body.

“Beloved, above all things, I hope for thy prosperity and health, EVEN AS thy spirit prospers.” 1 John 3:16

Each act of sex with sex partners creates a new tie. To bind or yoke together into a single entity is to tie. It entails combining two different entities into a single entity. “What? Do you realize that a man who is married to a harlot is one body? 1 Corinthians 6:16 says, “For two, declares he, he shall be one flesh.”

When you consider David and Jonathan's positive soul connection, “And it came to be… that Jonathan's soul was knit (connected) with David's soul.” Jonathan adored him as if he were his own soul. Jonathan and David then made a commitment because he loved him as if he were his own soul.” 1 Samuel 18:1,3 is a passage from the Old Testament book of Samuel.

Between these two men, a covenant and a soul tie were forged, allowing David to obtain from Jonathan what he had never qualified for. All of Jonathan's good qualities were passed to David.

Prayer To All Nations (PTAN), Prayer City, Calabar, or Rev. Theodore Effiong, Assemblies of God Church, Calabar. CRS

How many soul ties can a person have?

Having sex with another individual might result in a soul tie. Assume someone has been sexually intimate with all of their lovers; it is conceivable to have several soul ties. Soul relationships take time to build as well. Unlike soulmates, the bond develops through time.